Monday, January 5, 2009

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New Year - 2009

JACK: I think I told you guys that I was going to move Jack down to Preferred for the new year. Well, we had a trial (Jan 2/3/4) and he ran in the 16” class (instead of 20”) ---- what a difference!!!!! He was SO fast – it was like a different dog! He has to start all over in Novice – it was so much fun. He Qed all three days in Jumpers and one day in Standard! He should have Qed in all, but on Friday the teeter was not set right and at least ½ the dogs flew off (that is a disqualification). I didn’t expect Jack to fly off because he is normally somewhat cautious on the teeter, but he was flying and became airborne off the teeter – it was scary and I was afraid he wouldn’t do it the next day but he was fine and never hesitated Sat or Sun. Then on Saturday he ran across the broad jump instead of jumping it!!! The only time you normally see a broad jump is in novice --- it is later replaced with the triple jump. He was fine on it Friday, so who knows? Everyone said that he looked back at it like “what the hell?”!!! Anyway, he did great and was having fun!

KATIE: Katie had an amazing weekend! I decided to try her in FAST (Fifteen And Send Time) ---- there is a “send” where there is tape on the ground for a small section of the course --- you have to send them to the obstacles and you cannot cross over the tape. She ran in FAST two days and Qed both days!!! I may have found her “thing”!!! She also Qed in Jumpers Sat and Sun --- she now has 7 MXJ legs (she needs 3 more). She came SO close to a Standard leg yesterday ---- the weave poles were obstacle #19 and a jump was the last obstacle of the course #20. She was clean until the weaves and then popped out at the 10th pole!!!! She ran really well all weekend though and I am so proud of her!

Now we are off until we go to McKinney in February, so we are all resting up. We left Lubbock on Dec 20th and didn’t get home until about 6:00 last night! We’re tired!!!

Where we are now!

Jack is currently the #1 agility Shar-Pei and also #1 in the history of the breed. He is also the current #1. Katie is currently #2 and is #3 in the history of the breed.

Jack has been featured in several newspaper articles and has been in a local commercial. You can see their videos on youtube - including the commercial.

They are officially:
Harv's AppleJack Be Nimble, CGC, NA, MX, MXJ, VSP
Harv's KT Spoonful of Sugar, CGC, TDInc, RN, OA, AXJ, VSPX

Shar-Pei Agility

Well, I've decided to try and keep up with our agility escapades this way instead of always trying to e-mail updates and forgetting someone and having to repeat myself!

First, I'll give a little background on how it all started!

In 1998 I decided to try something new. I just wanted to do something fun with my dogs and decided to try agility with Bailey. We started a class with Debbie Spence in Keller, TX. I had absolutely no intentions of ever competing! I took a couple of classes with Debbie (she is the best) and then we moved to GA and there wasn't really anything available for us in the area we were in. We moved back to TX in the fall of 2000 and I started practicing with a friend. Bailey competed in her first trial in Oct 2001 and got two Novice Standard legs! She competed one more day in Nov but didn't qualify. We lost her very unexpectedly in Feb 2002 from spleen and liver cancer.

I had just gotten Jack the previous month (Jan 2002) and started working with him that summer. We also got Katie in May 2002 so she started training in the fall. We don't really have much in the way of formal agility classes in Lubbock, so we would drive to Amarillo (135 miles one way) once a week for class.