Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer 2010

This has been a busy summer - hard to believe it's almost over. We started the summer with an agility trial in Amarillo, followed by trials in Midland, Clovis, and then Cloudcroft. J&K's breeder momma (Deena) went with us to Cloudcroft. She has gone to a summer trial with us for the last five years. It's a fun time!

Katie has been running amazingly well - she even got her first Double Q in May! Jack is very close to his PAX title - he needs for 2Qs. It's very exciting because he will be the first Pei to earn that title! I was hoping it would happen in Fort Worth later this month, but he didn't get any at our last trial, so it's looking like it will happen in Midland next month. Cloudcroft was hot (for agility), humid, along with the altitude and high grass ---- well, he just wasn't crazy about the conditions and didn't run well!!!

Jack and I also took a trip this summer - we went to Dallas to visit my friend Barbara and then on to Arkansas to visit my sister. We had a great time. Jack was such a good boy - he was able to be off leash the whole time. We enjoyed hiking in the woods, but Jack is definitely a city dog --- came back with his coat all scruffy!!! He's starting to look better now!!!

Now it's almost time for me to go back to work --- I wish summers didn't go so fast!!! My goal is to update this more often - we'll see!!!