Saturday, September 7, 2013


We had an awesome day among the Redwood trees. I have always wanted to see them - it was a happy day for me!  To top the day off, we stopped and watched a herd of Elk. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cecil - CAT

I forgot to mention that Cecil got his first Coursing Ability leg!!  He LOVED it!!  Like I said - we've been BUSY!!!

Busy busy busy

The last two weeks of August were hectic! We bought a new motor home (which takes more time than one would think). Our intentions were to just look, but a few hours later we left with me asking "did we just buy a new house"!!  We'd had the Bounder since it was new in 2000. 

Katie hates it and is stressed out, but Jack and Cecil are right at home. When we started moving stuff from the Bounder, the door to the new one was open - I opened the door of the Bounder and Jack got out, came to the new one and stayed!!!! He got out once to go pee - went back in the Bounder to get a drink of water and came back over here (all off leash!!

Also during this chaos Jack had  to go to the vet twice, but all is well. His thyroid meds needed to be lowered and he had a UTI; which was my  original theory. 

Katie had some great agility runs, but we didn't get any Double Qs. I think the stress of the new motor home is affecting her. Hopefully she'll adjust and be back to her old self by our next trial!!

We left the Seattle area yesterday and are heading down the coast headed towards the Redwood National Forest - very excited to see these massive trees!!!