Monday, February 21, 2011

Cecil is here!

I decided in November 2008 that I was ready for a new puppy and the wait is finally over! It turns out Cecil is a New Yorker and he got here last Wednesday!! Jack & Katie's breeders did a breeding and the sonogram was last Monday --- sadly she isn’t pregnant. A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about how sad I was going to be if she wasn’t pregnant, so started putting my feelers out. I have waited over two years for a puppy and just couldn’t wait any longer. So, I found this puppy in NY and was waiting for sonogram results to know whether or not he would be Cecil!!! It worked out perfectly because my vet friend Ronda has a friend/client that is a professional handler and she was in NY for Westminster (last Mon & Tues) – she brought him back with her on Wednesday!!! We haven’t had a puppy in nine years, so needless to say we are VERY excited!!