Tuesday, November 5, 2013



12/4/01 - 9/15/13

You will live in my heart forever - I miss you SO SO much.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


We had an awesome day among the Redwood trees. I have always wanted to see them - it was a happy day for me!  To top the day off, we stopped and watched a herd of Elk. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cecil - CAT

I forgot to mention that Cecil got his first Coursing Ability leg!!  He LOVED it!!  Like I said - we've been BUSY!!!

Busy busy busy

The last two weeks of August were hectic! We bought a new motor home (which takes more time than one would think). Our intentions were to just look, but a few hours later we left with me asking "did we just buy a new house"!!  We'd had the Bounder since it was new in 2000. 

Katie hates it and is stressed out, but Jack and Cecil are right at home. When we started moving stuff from the Bounder, the door to the new one was open - I opened the door of the Bounder and Jack got out, came to the new one and stayed!!!! He got out once to go pee - went back in the Bounder to get a drink of water and came back over here (all off leash!!

Also during this chaos Jack had  to go to the vet twice, but all is well. His thyroid meds needed to be lowered and he had a UTI; which was my  original theory. 

Katie had some great agility runs, but we didn't get any Double Qs. I think the stress of the new motor home is affecting her. Hopefully she'll adjust and be back to her old self by our next trial!!

We left the Seattle area yesterday and are heading down the coast headed towards the Redwood National Forest - very excited to see these massive trees!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013


We left Spokane this morning and arrived in Canada. We will be here for a week and then to Seattle for a couple of weeks. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Since leaving Texas at the beginning of July we have been to Cloudcroft NM where we had two agility trials then on to Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Casper WY, Yellowstone, Billings MT, and Missoula MT. Headed to Spokane today!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Katie - another mishap

A week or so ago we had just arrived at the RV Park in Casper and Chuck checked in. We were headed to our spot and the door had not closed good - as we went around a corner it flew open and at that exact moment Katie saw a squirrel and SHE flew out the door after it. Luckily squirrels run up trees so she didn't run far. And luckily she was not hurt in the least. I would love to see a video from the outside - it would be hilarious!  You would never know this girl is 11 1/2. She sure doesn't act it!!!  You gotta love Krazy Katie!

Cecil's Toe

We have two crates side by in the motor home with a large dog bed on top that covers the top area of both crates. Cecil lays up there a lot. Yesterday as he jumped off one of his back toe nails got caught in the front, top edge of the crate. Poor baby was screaming his head off and it ended up ripping all but a shard of his nail off. I feel so bad for him, I don't think he has ever felt pain before. I am soaking it in Epson Salts and giving him Tramadol for pain - also antibiotics to prevent infection. I have a plan to fix the crates so it can't happen again. Never a dull moment ...

Katie and the avocado ...

Katie ate an entire avocado the other day. It rolled off the counter as we were driving. I found a small piece of the skin and thought she had managed to eat the seed. I was worried she would get sick or a blockage from the seed, so had decided to make her throw up. Right before I did, I found the seed!  It looked like she had tried to eat it, but it was either too hard or didn't taste good!  It has been a few days and she hasn't shown any signs of not feeling well. I did want to eat that avocado though!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Yesterday we saw a Grizzly Bear, Elk, and Mule Dear. 
Today we have seen American White Pelicans, Elk, an Osprey nest (momma and two babies) - a man let me look through his telescope - amazing, a momma moose and her baby and lots of Bison.   
The area is just amazing - today saw the Lower Falls. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are currently in Yellowstone National Park for a few days - what a gorgeous place.  No dogs allowed on the trails but I will still manage a few photo ops with the boyz!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Catching Up!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. A lot has happened! We have been "on the road" for a year now and loving it! We've had a few hiccups in our plans but we're pretty flexible!! Chuck had rotator cuff surgery when we got back from Alaska last August and then prostate surgery in March. He is doing well now and hopefully will stay healthy! Since Alaska we have been to Chattagooga TN, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and a lot of places in between! Jack became the first Shar-Pei to become an agility champion when he got his PACH last September. I am so very proud of him. He has done more than I ever could have dreamed. We attended Shar-Pei Nationals in Chattanooga TN in Sept 2012 where they had agility for the first time. There were about 14 dogs entered and Jack took High In Trial --- I would have been sad if he hadn't! Katie is listening and running really well. She has 11 Double Qs and 800+ Points towards a MACH. I would be thrilled if she got it, but she is 11 years old so we'll just see!! Cecil is the silliest dog we've had and keeps us laughing. His brain is not ready for agility competition, so we are taking a break to let him mature. I have been showing him in conformation where he has 5 points towards a championship! That's it in a nutshell - will try to do better!