Monday, August 6, 2012


August 6, 2012

Anchorage is pretty much like any other city in the United States! A lot of the same stores, restaurants, etc. We did do some interesting things while there - we ate at the Sourdough Mining Company and visited the Alaska Wild Berry Products store where they have an amazing chocolate waterfall!! We visited the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. * I was also able to get a pedicure and found the only threader in Alaska and got my eyebrows done! * The worst part of that week was that Jack had a UTI and was not able to run in the agility trial in Anchorage. Katie ran both days but didn't Q. I ran Cecil the first day but it was pretty wide open and I was nervous about losing him!!! It was a new experience for us as it was pouring rain on Saturday and we had never run in rain like that. It didn't seem to bother Katie or Cecil!! We also hiked up to Thunder Bird Falls --- another beautiful place! ** We left Anchorage and drove down to Homer. There is not a lot to do in Homer, but oh my goodness is it gorgeous. They like to say "Homer is a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem"!!! That's mostly what they do there - fish and drink!!! We were able to see some amazing scenery and wildlife - we saw Bald Eagles, a seal, and otters! I fell in love with the Homer Spit. Just walking on the beach or listening to the waves and looking for animals -- it was so peaceful. We visited Salty Dawg Saloon, made famous on the reality show "Ice Road Truckers". We actually visited it twice - drank a "Duck Fart" - they are dangerously delicious!! ** After leaving Homer we drove to Kenai which is where we are now. I finally got to see my Moose up close!!! We saw a momma and two calves. We just sat and watched them for a while. I don't know why I love them so much, but I am obsessed!! LOL We had an agility trial here this past weekend. Jack did amazingly well - he got the final Double Q he needed for his PAX2 and also got his MXP8. He also picked up 21 points towards his PACH - he needs 31 more!!! If you don't know what and of that is just know he did good! :) Katie ran well but still no Qs! Cecil was absolutely crazy with the zoomies the first day, but then settled down and did pretty decent the last day! ** Tomorrow we drive to Seward, so until next time .....