Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Weekend - Crappy Ending

Last weekend we had an agility trial in McKinney. As usual it was COLD! Katie started out with a crazy run - doing the Shar-Pei boogie around the ring. I guess if she had a handler that would actually train her it might make a difference! Jack had an awesome day and finished with a Double Q. I can always count on my boy! We didn't get any Qs on Sunday although Katie had two good runs. I made a mistake in BOTH of Jack's runs (he was perfect of course) so he didn't get any Qs either. All in all it was a good weekend and we had a great time. We finished pretty early, so went to lunch with friends. It was nice and cool, so we left the boyz in the car and went in to eat. The service was s-l-o-w, but not a big deal because we were visiting. You know it's slow when the manager brings you free appetizers and you haven't even complained! Anyway, great visit, great food (when it finally got there), and we're ready to hit the road. Deena wants to say "goodbye" to the boyz so we head to the car - open the door and OMG! Deena says "I think someone has gas" and I say "I think someone has shit"!!! Sure enough - Katie had diarrhea! Yes, in the car! Yes, it is everywhere! I won't go into all the shitty details, but we took everything out and did get it cleaned up. We are finally on the road when she starts puking. I have used everything I have cleaning up the shit, so we stop for paper towels. She finally gets it all out of her system and is then perfectly fine. Poor Jack was about to push himself through the side of the car trying to stay out of her way!!! The only thing I can figure is that the food I gave her as "treats" made her sick. Never a dull minute!